The Xscape singer is obviously happy with her rapper husband's birthday present as she writes on Instagram, 'Thank you for all the amazing surprises u put together for my bday.'

AceShowbiz - Tiny Harris (Tameka Cottle) celebrated her 44th birthday on Sunday, July 14, and T.I. obviously had prepared something special for his wife. The rapper and actor bought the Xscape songstress a piece of gorgeous necklace in honor of her milestone, but he opted not to hand over the gift normally. Instead, he chose the most adorable way to give it to Tiny.

The moment was all documented in an Instagram video taken from the birthday celebration. Tip was seen in the clip showing off a giant diamond necklace to the camera before sneaking it into his wife's drink without her knowing. He then asked the bartender to pour cocktail into the glass so Tiny couldn't see it when he later led a toast in celebration.

Everyone drank their own drink afterward, including Tiny. This prompted Tip to ask her whether her "last drink was heavy." Tiny eventually lifted it up to see that there was a different kind of ice in her cocktail, but the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" actor told her that she had to drink to get it. However, Tiny ended up using a straw to lift the necklace from the bottom of the glass. It was obvious that the mother of four liked the present since she gave her rapper husband a big hug and kiss afterward.

Tip wrote in the caption of the post, "Happy Birthday Mrs Harris. We're all thankful & blessed to have you in our lives, reminding us that Life is for Laughter & Living!!! I'm fasho gon to see it that your cup runneth over with All my Love, Forever More..." Teasing his wife, he added that "the best is yet to come..."

Jumping to the comment section to reply to the "No Mediocre" spitter, Tiny wrote, "I love us so much... thank you for all the amazing surprises u put together for my bday & all the endless love u give me!! So thankful for u Big Head I'm even more stoked about what's to come but nothing tops spending my life with you!! U already know this... but u the Muthafukn Man Big Daddy."

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