Lily Allen Left Uneasy After Stalker Gained Limited Release From Prison

During a radio interview on 'The Chris Evans Breakfast Show', the 'Smile' hitmaker reveals that she attended Alex Gray's bail hearing because she 'doesn't trust the police.'

AceShowbiz - Lily Allen has voiced her concerns after her stalker has been granted limited release from prison.

The 34-year-old opened up about the horrific ordeal during an interview on "The Chris Evans Breakfast Show" on the U.K.'s Virgin Radio on Wednesday (July 10), following the news her stalker, Alex Gray, had been permitted leave from prison.

"He got out yesterday for 20 minutes supervised leave and that's been playing on my mind for the last few days," the "Not Fair" hitmaker shared. "He broke into my house at 2am in October 2015... I thought it was my ex and I was with a new boyfriend. Someone came to my bedroom door and I thought it was my ex but it was someone I didn't know."

In 2016, Gray was arrested and sectioned after admitting he wanted to "put a knife through her face" during a police interview - 10 years after his campaign of harassment began. However, despite promising he will "not be pursuing her any further", Allen remains concerned for her safety.

"Stalking is his crime I think. I went to his bail hearing - the first day and last day. The bail hearing I went to because I had no confirmation it was the right person because I don't trust the police..." she recalled. "I went to see if it was him and he stood up and banged the glass and got really angry and I'm glad because the judge saw how dangerous he was."

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