Gene Simmons Believes He Will 'Cry Like Young Girl' at KISS' Final Concert

While he isn't looking forward to the last gig of his rock band's 'End of the Road' farewell tour, the 69-year-old bassist admits his doubt on whether he will miss the costume and the makeup.

AceShowbiz - Rocker Gene Simmons will cry like a little girl when KISS play their final show in 2022.

The veterans are amidst their "End of the Road" farewell trek, which is expected to last three years, and the bassist isn't looking forward to the last gig.

"On the pragmatic level, this tour is a victory lap," Simmons told London's Evening Standard. "You're proud of what you've done. More gold records than any American band. You go to Graceland and there's a Kiss exhibit. Yeah, that's right. You go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and there's the Kiss star. But I know on the very last show I'm going to cry like a young girl."

But Gene isn't so sure he'll miss the outfit and the make-up he has to don for concerts: "On the day that Superman decides to stop guarding the earth, he's still Superman underneath, but will he miss that outfit? I don't know."

The final date of the tour has yet to be announced.

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