Ciara Called Out for Celebrating Fourth of July With Military-Inspired Outfit

Some Instagram users think the 'Love Sex' singer confuses Memorial Day and Veterans Day with the Independence Day, while some others say a black person should not celebrate the Fourth of July.

AceShowbiz - Like other proud Americans, Ciara has taken to her Instagram account to celebrate the Fourth of July. The 33-year-old singer/dancer posted on Thursday a photo of her doing a salute pose while wearing a military-inspired outfit.

The raven beauty sported a green T-shirt with the word "ARMY" written on it, camouflage pants and a gray "ARMY" hat. She also donned black boots as she stood on what appears to be the rooftop of a building. "Happy #4th US. Proud #MilitaryBrat! #NYC," she captioned it.

Despite her attempt to channel her patriotic side, some of her followers think that her choice of outfit didn't match with the Independence Day theme. "We love you, but It's not memorial day sis!! #Juneteenth is our celebration where our Ancestors became 'free' in 1865," a fan kindly reminded her.

Another called out the mother of two for confusing Independence Day with Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The said user wrote, "4th isn't for military that's veterans day and memorial day, the 4th is about independence and freedom but you're confused like our President."

Some others were simply offended that Ciara, as a black person, celebrated the Fourth of July holiday. "We were still slaves . This is not for black people," one commented on her post. Another bitter user wrote, "July 4 our people were still slaves. Saying Happy 4th to another black person is like two Native Americans telling eat other Happy Thanksgiving. Wake up my black people."

"Come on Now sweetie...You know DAMN WELL this day is NOT for black people...and we look quite silly partaking in a holiday that doesn't include US," a fan added, while another weighed in, "This is disrespectful to those who serve."

Done with the negativity, Ciara's loyal fans have come to the star's defense. "Ppl kill me with their constant negative comments on celebrities' pages," someone hit back at those haters. "Just unfollow and keep your negative comments to yourself. Lawd, learn to love and spread love." Another urged Ciara to ignore those critics, "Tickled by these mad mad comments. Keep celebrating life on your terms. Enjoy your day and stay authentic."

Someone else left a lengthy comment to school those haters, "How did i know people were going to be so very negative in the comments section. Some of yall just can't wait for her to post something to air your misery. 'Its not a black people holiday' yeah but its a time for black people to come together, eat and be merry!!!!"

The said user continued, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Some of y'all are still mentally enslaved. We still have a long way to go and some if y'all even further. Also when the declaration of independence was signed, there was a war going on! The American Revolutionary war!! As a military brat, and coming from generations of military, i celebrate them always!!"

Ciara has not responded to the backlash as she was co-hosting NBC's annual "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular" with Derek Hough that night.

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