Police Pin NBA YoungBoy Against the Wall, Aim Taser at His Groin in Arrest Video

One of the officers is seen in the video, which is taken in a hotel in Atlanta, threatening to shoot the Baton Rouge native in the genitals if he doesn't calm down.

AceShowbiz - Earlier this year, YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA YoungBoy) and his baby mama, Starr Thigpen, were arrested for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana when they were staying at a hotel in Atlanta. Now, the bodycam footage of his arrest surfaced online, showing the Baton Rouge native getting into confrontation with the police.

In a video obtained by TMZ, YoungBoy and Thigpen were involved in a heated argument with the cops that resulted in him getting pinned against the wall by one of the officers while Thigpen kept asking the police to let her see her baby. Another officer then pulled out her taser and aimed it at YoungBoy's groin, threatening to shoot him in the genitals if he didn't calm down. Thankfully, the officer didn't use the taser in the end.

The incident stemmed from YoungBoy and Thigpen's altercation with several housemaids at the hotel. At the time, YoungBoy and Thigpen were hanging out in a room that was supposed to be vacant. So when the housemaids entered the room, the rapper asked his baby mama to kick them out. However, Thigpen took things a little bit further and attacked the maids. Shortly afterward, the police made their way to the hotel and arrested the two.

YoungBoy was subsequently taken into custody and hit with three misdemeanor charges including use of fighting words, physical obstruction and possession of marijuana. Prosecutors didn't pursue the misdemeanor charges and they were released within one day.

However, YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentreil Gaulden, was soon back in custody following a fatal shooting that he was involved in outside the Trump International Beach Resort in Florida. He is expected to remain behind bars as a judge determines whether or not it was him that was making threats towards another person on social media, an activity that violated his probation that was tied to a 2016 drive-by shooting case.

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