DaBaby Sued Following Massachusetts Brawl

Rapper Don Trag, who was brutally attacked by the 'Suge' rapper's bodyguard last month, files lawsuit against DaBaby as he seeks damages for serious injuries to his head, eye, neck, and spine.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Don Trag is holding DaBaby responsible after he was attacked by one of his crew members last month outside of Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, MA. According to TMZ, Don is now suing DaBaby for the brawl, which put him into a coma.

In the documents obtained by the news outlet, Don, whose real name is Donald Saladin, claimed that DaBaby failed to "adequately train his team of bodyguards." He also added that the "Suge" rapper was aware of his bodyguards "violent tendencies" when he ordered the attack.

Previous report stated that before the show started, Don asked for a photo with DaBaby but was turned down. That allegedly prompted Trag to get angry which led to him getting involved in a verbal altercation with DaBaby's security. Witnesses claimed that the former touched one of the rapper's crew members during the outburst and that was when DaBaby's security began pummeling him into the ground.

Trag was rushed to the hospital that night before later being released into his mother's care. However, his mother revealed that Trag then collapsed at her home in Boston on Saturday. Trag's brother revealed that the rapper suffered significant brain and neck swelling and "is not doing well" at the time.

According to Derek Lemire, who was promoting the event for NTS Entertainment, DaBaby left the venue without performing at the show. The rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, posted an apology for his no-show on the Instagram page of dababyliveinlawrencema. "We apologize for the unfortunate events that occurred at DaBaby show in centro night club but we're talking to management about new date," the post read.

The lawsuit, which was filed on June 20, according to Massachusett's Essex County Superior Court, further revealed that Don spent $30k in hospital bills and anticipates $75k in more bills in the near future. With that, Don sued DaBaby for damages for serious injuries to his head, eye, neck, and spine.

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