'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Yells at Meghan McCain and Joy Behar After Heated Donald Trump Debate
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In the episode of the morning talk show, Meghan doesn't back down even after Whoopi's intervention as she shouts at Joy, 'Don't feel bad for me, b***h! I get paid to do this!'

AceShowbiz - The Wednesday, June 19 episode of "The View" got so heated when co-hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar's argument got escalated. The pair were involved in a screaming match as they were discussing President Donald Trump's massive crowd size at his re-election announcement rally on Tuesday.

Joy appeared to downplay the enourmous attendance in addition to suggesting that his supporters hated both immigrants and black people. She also dubbed the TV personality-turned-president a "jukebox," referring to how the audience predictably responded to what he said. Mocking Trump, Joy said, "D3 – lock her up! D4 – the press is the enemy! What's wrong with them?"

That didn't sit well with conservative Meghan. She touted the big number of Trump's crowd size, explaining that Trump's supporters were "bused." She also shaded Democrats by insinuating that soon a Democratic candidate would enjoy the same achievement. It was reported that 14,000 people gathered for former President Barack Obama's re-election announcement in 2012, while Trump drew in estimated 20,000 mass with many of them arriving 40 hours before the event started.

After Joy interrupted her multiple times, Meghan exploded, "OK! But it did happen. It's not fake news." She went on adding, "Sometimes it's not just that they love Trump so much, it's they hate the same things that Trump hates."

"Who? Black people, you mean? Or immigrants?" Joy responded. Meghan then accused Joy of yelling at her. "I know you're angry. I get that you're angry that Trump's president, like a lot of people are," Meghan said to Joy, adding, "But I don't think yelling at me is going to fix the problem, OK? … I'm trying to explain why 2020 is not in the bag for you! It's not!" Joy later asked the audience whether or not she yelled at Meghan.

Whoopi Goldberg appeared to have had enough of them arguing. She initially tried to stop them at a lower tone, but since it didn't work, Whoopi was forced to shout at her two co-hosts. "OK, guys! OK!" said Whoopi. "It's a great discussion and we can go back to it. I just need everybody to take a beat."

Meghan, however, didn't back down as she shouted at Joy, "Don't feel bad for me, b***h! I get paid to do this!" Not wanting things to go even worse, Whoopi hurried the show into a commercial break.

After the ad break, Meghan attempted to explain that she used the b word regularly and there was no bad blood between her and Joy. "Joy and I call each other b***h all the time," she said. "I know this is a big shock: We get along backstage!"

Joy added, "We're both pugilistic, and so we're fine. I'm very straight in what I believe, and so is she, so we’re going to fight. I don't care if you call me a b***h."

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