When talking about his latest album 'Late Night Feelings', the 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker admits he lost focus and interest in songs he was creating due to split from wife Josephine de la Baume.

AceShowbiz - Superstar DJ Mark Ronson has turned to therapy to help him deal with his emotions following his divorce from French model/actress Josephine de la Baume.

The "Uptown Funk" hitmaker separated from Josephine in 2017 after almost six years of marriage, and their divorce was finalised in October (2018).

Ronson continued to work on new material with collaborators Diplo and Tame Impala's Kevin Parker as he struggled through the split, but he was a mess personally, and found himself losing focus and interest in the songs they were creating.

"I spent 2017 floundering in a sense," he told the Financial Times. "I was kind of directionless. It sounds a bit spiritual or abstract, but when I think about myself then, I wasn't even in my body."

"It was like this thing when you're out of this long relationship there's this tendency to go, 'Well, the last two years were really tough, so I am going to drink and have fun and do whatever I want.' Obviously, it wasn't a super-helpful way to deal with it."

He subsequently decided to seek out some professional counselling, and has since started to reap the benefits of speaking to his Miami, Florida-based cognitive behavioural therapist, with whom he typically connects via FaceTime video calls.

In a separate interview with The New York Times, Ronson admitted, "I never really thought I was that messed up, because I don't really scream headcase, and I'm used to working with people that are truly more (f**ked) up or complicated."

Finding clarity in his personal life has since enabled the 43-year-old to embrace his sentimental side and channel his heartbreak into tunes for his latest album, "Late Night Feelings".

"It (heartache) is really good, unfortunately, for music," he remarked.

However, Ronson, who recently parted ways with his girlfriend Rebecca Schwartz, was initially unsure how fans would react to the new sound, because he's famed for his feel-good upbeat tracks.

"I'm not entitled to it," he said of writing emotional music. "I'm supposed to be the fun party guy."

Despite his early reservations, Ronson forged ahead with the new creative direction and hired an all-star list of female collaborators, including Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, and Lykke Li, to help him bring the album to life.

"Late Night Feelings", the follow-up to 2015's "Uptown Special", launches next week (June 21).

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