Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Seal Their Peace With Cookies
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People are celebrating the end of hostility between the two pop stars after the 'Swish Swish' singer posts a picture of a plate of chocolate chip cookies and mentions the 'Bad Blood' hitmaker in the caption.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift and Katy Perry officially declared the end of their bad blood with a picture of cookies. The two female superstars appeared to have just had a girls' night together during which they squashed their beef while baking or enjoying the baked stuff.

The "Roar" hitmaker took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, June 11 to share a photo of a plate of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. They declared "Peace at Last" with a red frosting written along the edge of the plate with two peace signs.

Katy tagged "Let's Be Friends" as the location of where the image was taken and wrote in the caption, "feels good [heart emoji] @taylorswift." Taylor didn't post about the meeting on her own social media account, but responded to Katy's post with multiple heart emojis in the comment.

People are celebrating the newly-mended friendship between Taylor and Katy, with many expecting a collaboration soon from the two female singers/songwriters. As the "Me!" songstress is known for dropping clues about her upcoming project, some people suggested that "Let's Be Friends", "Peace at Last" or "It Feels Good" could be the title or included in the lyrics of their potential collaboration.

"collab with Taylor?" one asked. Another hopeful fan commented, "WE WANT A COLLAB BREAK THE INTERNET." Another guessed, "New single 'Peace at Last'." One other user speculated, "Okay but don't try saying 'Let's Be Friends' won't be the song or lyric from their collaboration."

This isn't the first time Katy and Taylor tried to save their broken friendship. Last year, the "Firework" hitmaker sent Taylor a literal olive branch and a sweet note addressed to an "old friend" on the opening night of the 29-year-old's "Reputation" tour. "Hey Old Friend," Katy wrote in the letter. "I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us. I really want to clear the air..."

Showing it on Instagram, Taylor said in a video, "So I just got to my dressing room and found this actual olive branch. This mean so much." She captioned the video, "Thank you Katy."

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