The 54-year-old talk show host takes to her Instagram account to share footage from her outing with the two reality TV stars, including a video of her with the KKW Beauty founder.

AceShowbiz - Given how often Wendy Williams badmouths the KarJenner family on her talk show, no one is expecting them to peacefully hang out with each other. Well, the 54-year-old TV personality enjoyed an outing with both Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner on Friday, June 7 and successfully caused social media frenzy.

Wendy took to her Instagram account to post footage from their outing. The first post was a selfie of herself and Kris modeling massive pairs of sunglasses as both of them were twinning in black. While Wendy was pursing her lips in the photo, the matriach flashed a smile to the camera. "It's Friday b****s!!" Wendy captioned the post.

In the second post, the former radio personality was filming herself and Kim in what appeared to be a park. In the video, Wendy asked Kim to teach her how to do the latter's iconic hair toss before saying, "It's a hair flip, wait, can you push my hair I can't hold the phone and do it." The KKW Beauty founder then helped her flip her hair as they continued posing for the camera. Wendy wrote in the caption of the post, "Friendly with Kim!"

This surely left a lot of Wendy's followers shocked, considering that the talk show host is known for taking shots at the famous family during her "Hot Topics" segment. "I think I'm dreaming... someone pls wake me up," one follower still couldn't believe what s/he saw as another asked, "What is going on here! That's forgiveness on another level lol." Someone else exclaimed, "I DID NOT EXPECT THIS AT ALL."

There were also several fans who weren't impressed with their outing as one wrote, "What a joke Wendy is she talks s**t then hangout with the s**t she talks about." One other expressed her/his disbelief, "WTF???? You always talk pure s**t about the Kar-Jenners... Guess you need a few friends now huh." One individual, meanwhile, shaded the KarJenners, "Y'all are a forgiving family. Wendy talks about you like a dog but you invited her into your home."

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