Trying to put Sheila Ward's special administration petition on hold, Cleopatra Singleton asks for the control to 'be limited to collecting assets, paying regular obligations, and depositing income.'

AceShowbiz - One of John Singleton's daughters is challenging her grandmother's emergency petition to be named special administrator of the filmmaker's estate.

Sheila Ward filed court documents this week, begs June 03, demanding sole access to the director's affairs after learning someone close to her son had removed prized artwork, comic books and various other personal items from his home and given them away without the family's permission.

The motion, which Ward claims is simply to protect the star's personal property, comes as she battles for control of his will, but Singleton's daughter, Cleopatra, doesn't believe the special administrator role is currently necessary, and is now trying to put a hold on the petition so it can be addressed during an upcoming estate hearing, set to take place later this month.

According to legal papers obtained by The Blast, Cleopatra Singleton declares, "If the Court believes there is an immediate need for letters of special administration, Ms. Singleton requests that the powers be limited to collecting assets, paying regular obligations of the estate, and depositing income."

"Ms. Singleton further requests that a bond be required for the assets that Petitioner anticipates are present and will be received."

A judge has yet to rule on the requests.

Cleopatra, one of the "Boyz n the Hood" writer/director's seven children, has been clashing with Ward ever since her dad was hospitalised in April after suffering a stroke, and accused her grandmother of trying to cut the children out of his estate following his death.

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