Iggy Azalea Feels 'Violated' Over Nude Photo Leak, Photographer Says Images Were Stolen

Nino Munoz, who was behind the nude photo shoot for GQ, is 'outraged' that his photos were published without his permission as he and Iggy are determined to bring the culprit to justice.

AceShowbiz - Iggy Azalea is never shy to show her skin, but that doesn't mean she's happy when her nude photos were released without her consent. That's why the Australian rapper is understandably enraged when her uncensored photos from a nude photo shoot for GQ Australia were leaked online.

While the "Black Widow" hitmaker indeed stripped down to her birthday suit for the photo shoot, the magazine never released the uncensored pictures. Meanwhile, the leaked photos that went viral on May 26 reportedly only showed her bare breasts, though many Twitter users quickly pointed out that they were Iggy's.

Some people went as far as accusing the 28-year-old singer of leaking her own nude images to promote her music. "Iggy Azalea intentionally leaks some pictures of her boobs and people freak. What a way to get more exposure to her 'music'," one wrote.

Addressing the photo leak, Iggy has released a statement to confirm that the photos were indeed hers. She, however, clarified that she never approved the release of the nude pictures. "A lot of high profile women have shot covers for GQ with a strategically placed hand, etc., covering their breasts etc. I always felt they were very beautiful covers, so I jumped at the opportunity," she said. "I hadn't seen other women's covers leak so I felt comfortable (on a closed set) to model for such a reputable magazine knowing only the images with my hands covering would be considered for print. I never consented to taking topless pictures for potential release, period. It was my understanding BEFORE shooting, GQ do not print topless pictures."

Iggy went on expressing her emotions over the leak. "I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad, and a million other things. Not solely because I did not consent to this - but also because of the vile way people have reacted," she allegedly posted on Twitter, shortly before she deactivated her social media accounts after the controversy. She plans on pressing criminal charges when they figure out where the leak originated from.

Also speaking up about Iggy's leaked nude photos was Nino Munoz, who took the pictures. Claiming that the images were stolen, he posted on Instagram, "I'm outraged and saddened to find out that images of mine were stolen and published without my permission."

Echoing Iggy's statement that they will take legal action against the culprit, the photographer added, "There is currently an investigation underway. Posting these stolen images is illegal and anyone who has done so will be prosecuted." He went on expressing his sympathy to Iggy as writing, "My heart goes out to anyone this situation has affected. I'm utterly outraged and will not rest until justice is served."

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