The director and star of 'A Quiet Place' offers words of wisdom to the Class of 2019 as he delivers the commencement at the Rhode Island school's Baccalaureate ceremony.

AceShowbiz - John Krasinski returned to his alma mater, Brown University, on Saturday, May 25, to offer some positive words of wisdom to the Class of 2019.

The 39-year-old actor donned a gown to deliver a commencement speech at the Rhode Island school's Baccalaureate ceremony, and urged graduating students to make sure they are always surrounded by inspiring people.

"I was one of 32 kids that were not accepted in the Fall with everyone else - thanks, anyway - but rather we came in alone, hungry, and cold in January," he joked, revealing he found friends in the school's sketch comedy group, Out of Bounds.

"I formed a new way of thinking, a new way of executing those thoughts," he explained. "I leapt out of my comfort zone, then stayed there, and leapt again. I experienced first-hand the powerful shift in doing something out of love rather than out of necessity. I learned what it meant to believe. I took chances, I failed, and I took more chances."

The "A Quiet Place" director and star also urged the students to push themselves to achieve great things - and remember the journey.

"Remember fondly the discomfort you felt when you were asked to push yourself farther than you were ever sure you could go, and the wash of elation when you finally got there," Krasinski said, telling the crowd to "fall in love as many times as it takes", and "just do something".

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