During an appearance on Channel Nine's 'Today' show in Australia, John Easterling reveals that the 'Grease' actress has been using medicinal cannabis to ease the pain caused by her illness.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Newton-John's husband John Easterling has assured fans that the "Grease" actress is staying strong amid her ongoing battle with cancer.

The singer is currently fighting cancer for the third time, after first battling the disease in 1992, when she underwent a partial mastectomy and reconstruction, and again when it returned in 2013.

During an appearance on Channel Nine's "Today" show in Australia, John revealed the "Grease" actress is feeling positive.

"Olivia's doing extraordinarily well," he gushed. "We just got back from the Bahamas, swimming, boating. It's a very, very, impressive story with Olivia."

The businessman went on to share that the star had been using medicinal cannabis to help her deal with the pain caused by the illness.

"Right upfront, cannabis is not a cure-all, but an extraordinary botanical with a multitude of benefit," John said. "For (Olivia), it really relieved the pain and if you look at the studies on cannabis, you'll see a broad spectrum of uses across the board, not just with cancer and cancer-related pain."

Despite the challenges that cancer has presented, the Australian singer, 70, told Entertainment Tonight in March that she was planning on living every day to the full.

"Every day's a gift anyway," the "Xanadu" star said. "We don't really know how long our life is, so every day is an extra bonus for me and I'm very grateful and I intend to be here for a long time... I have much to do, still, and I'm enjoying my life."

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