Sarah Hyland Challenges Ellen DeGeneres' Friendship With Jennifer Aniston With Underwear Photo
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Her joke aside, the 'Modern Family' star is making a big statement with the mirror selfie as she isn't shy to expose the scars on her mid-section which are the results of 16 surgeries.

AceShowbiz - Sarah Hyland seems to be attempting to convince Ellen DeGeneres that she's a better friend than Jennifer Aniston. The "Modern Family" star has taken to her Instagram account to show the evidence that she keeps Ellen almost literally close to her heart.

As for the evidence, it is an Ellen DeGeneres underwear. Sarah posted a photo of her donning a pair of black underwear that has several pictures of the TV host's face. "Hey @theellenshow I know you’re besties with Jen but does she wear your underwear outside of her jeans like me? #showyourscars," so the actress wrote in the caption.

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" host then responded to Sarah's Instagram account. Writing in the comment section, Ellen said, "She doesn't do that, but she's been known to drink wine out of an Ellen mug."

Her joke aside, Sarah was making a big statement with the photo as she wasn't shy to expose the scars on her mid-section which are the results of 16 surgeries although she's just 28 years. Two of them are transplants surgeries.

People applauded Sarah for her action as one fan wrote, "The Scars make you you, and I think that that is a beautiful thing." Another fan said, "Thank you Sarah. I've struggled with my tummy scars since my son's birth, and you putting it all out there means the world."

"Love the look im a breast cancer survivor scar from mastectomy but still have to do the reconstruction and once its all done im not at ashamed to hide my scar.. Thanks for being you to show its okay to be who you are with scars," one other user added. Her post also made one fan hopeful about gaining confidence to show her own scar, "Not confident enough to show my transplant scars yet but hopefully one day!!"

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