'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne Reacts to LVP's Transphobic Comments About Her, LVP Apologizes
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'It was not my intention to belittle the trans community with my poor choice of words directed toward Erika,' Lisa Vanderpump says in a statement regarding her controversial remarks.

AceShowbiz - Lisa Vanderpump was slammed for her anti-trans remarks in the recent episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". The 58-year-old TV star insinuated that co-star Erika Jayne is a transgender while taking a lie detector test to prove her innocence in the infamous "Puppygate".

A source close to Erika tells to HollywoodLife.com that the 47-year-old "is really disappointed in Lisa Vanderpump's poor choice of comment on Tuesday night's episode of 'RHOBH'." The source adds, "She really wasn't expecting Lisa to say anything like that."

"Erika feels Lisa made fun of a major problem happening in the world with so many trans women being killed and by her making a comment like that is is essentially making it OK," the source continues. "Erika feels that Lisa is truly better than that kind of talk."

The source, however, notes that Erika "is not expecting a direct apology from Lisa Vanderpump. She's not expecting to hear from her at all after last night's episode as the two still haven't spoken or seen one another in month."

In the episode, which aired on Tuesday, May 21, Lisa was taking a lie detector test when she made the controversial remarks. "Just don't ask me if Erika's tucking or something like that because there are some things I can't lie about," she said while laughing.

Following the major backlash from both fans and Twitter users, Lisa issued an apology in a statement. "It was not my intention to belittle the trans community with my poor choice of words directed toward Erika. I have nothing but respect and love for trans people around the world, as I have been a staunch supporter, provided employment offered emotional support and championed LGBTQ issues," she said.

The statement continued, "With recent news of trans women losing their lives for living their authentic truth in a world of discrimination and hate, I never want to diminish the very real pain and struggle that trans people go through every day."

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