Ryan Reynolds Pranks 'Detective Pikachu' Fans With Fake Full Film Leak
Warner Bros.

Pretending to inform Warner Bros. about the online leak of 'Pokemon: Detective Pikachu', the 'Deadpool' star shares with his 13 million-plus Twitter followers a link to the YouTube video.

AceShowbiz - Ryan Reynolds has trolled fans on Twitter by retweeting a link that appeared to contain a stream of the full "Pokemon Detective Pikachu" movie.

The actor, who stars as the Pokemon lead in the film, shared the link to a YouTube video entitled POKEMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture on his account on Tuesday, May 07.

In the caption of the post, the star wrote, "Um.... Attn (attention) @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros."

Ryan Reynolds Pranks 'Detective Pikachu' Fans With Fake Full Film Leak

The video, which is over an hour and 43 minutes long, begins faithful to the movie, with a convincing series of studio logos, and then the film's opening scenes. After a few minutes, however, the video transitions into a looped clip of the 42-year-old's eponymous furry P.I. dancing in what appears to be an '80s-inspired jazzercize video.

In response to the tweet, owners of the movie's official @DetPikachuMovie Twitter account subsequently changed the name of the page to Detective Leakachu.

Last week (ends May 05), Ryan revealed that he and wife Blake Lively, 31, were expecting their third child together. The couple already share two daughters, four-year-old James and Ines, two.

Speaking ahead of the film's release, the "Deadpool" star confessed that he was convinced to sign up for the role in a bid to make his children show more interest in his acting career.

"They know Deadpool is their dad, they haven't seen it so they're not fully invested in it, for some reason Pokemon is like catnip to children..." the star told reporters from Extra TV. "This is the first movie I have had that they are 100 per cent invested in and psyched to see."

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