Justin Bieber Hits Back at Photographer Over Car Accident Lawsuit

Accused of running over William Wilson with his car and leaving him with a 'permanent disability,' the 'Sorry' singer blames the paparazzo's own negligence for the 2017 incident.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber is refusing to take the blame for allegedly running over a paparazzo with his car back in 2017.

William Wilson filed suit against the "Sorry" hitmaker last month, claiming the pop superstar drove over him in his 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 truck as he was leaving a church service in Beverly Hills, California.

Video footage of the accident, obtained by TMZ, showed Justin trying to assist the snapper following the collision, but after staying at the scene to provide his side of the story to police officers, they decided against pursuing any criminal charges.

However, Wilson alleges the incident left him with a "permanent disability" due to a knee injury, as well as emotional scars, and he is demanding unspecified damages.

Now Bieber has responded to the accusations in his own court filing, insisting the accident occurred due to Wilson's own negligence, and that of his fellow photographers, as they all crowded around his vehicle to snap photos, reports TMZ.

The case continues.

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