Charlize Theron Gives French TV Host Piece of Her Mind for Stealing a Kiss From Interpreter

The 'Long Shot' actress gains plenty of applauds for her blunt reaction after Cyril Hanouna greeted female interpreter, Nadia, with a smooch without asking for her permission first.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron let rip on a French TV show after a presenter planted a kiss on her surprised interpreter's cheek without asking for permission during a very awkward interview.

The actress looked more than a little shocked when Cyril Hanouna greeted her assistant with a smooch as she promoted her new movie "Long Shot (2019)" with co-star Seth Rogen on "Touche Pas A Mon Poste!".

"Maybe ask next time?" Charlize scolded Cyril as Rogen nodded in agreement.

French fans quickly jumped on social media to applaud the actress for not letting the awkward moment pass and for standing up for her female interpreter, named Nadia.

"Being an interpreter and a woman, I really appreciate what Charlize Theron said when the TV host kissed her interpreter out of the blue...," one fan wrote.

Others took aim at the TV presenter, with one disgusted viewer tweeting, "@Cyrilhanouna kissed a girl, @CharlizeAfrica underligned (sic) that the girl didn't give her prior consent and all he does is asking the girl if she was titillated. No, she was disgusted, objectified and infantilized on TV by you, stupid clown."

It's not the first time Hanouna and his show have been caught up in controversy - he has been accused of sexism and homophobia in the past.

One male guest kissed a woman's breasts without her consent, leading to a sexual assault complaint. Cyril was also criticised for mocking callers to a bogus gay dating site during a skit in 2017.

Almost 20,000 viewers complained about the segment on the show, according to MailOnline.

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