Olivia Munn Calls Out Fashion Blog for Its 'Ugly Behaviors': 'Cheers and Go Fug Yourself'

Baffled by the blog's founders' 'blatant hypocrisy,' the former 'Six' star says 'a lot of people have had to wake up and acknowledge the part they've played in the suppression of women,' but the fashion bloggers 'stayed sleeping.'

AceShowbiz - Olivia Munn is at war with a fashion blog which has no problem at criticizing women's looks, including hers. The 38-year-old actress posted on Instagram an essay on Instagram to slam Go Fug Yourself, which is run by writers Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan.

The fashion blog recently criticized Olivia's striped Peter Pilotto suit that she wore to a gala for the Asian non-profit Apex For Youth. "This is just kinda like she got roped into making a sequel to American Hustle that ended up going straight to on-demand. Things could be worse," the blog commented. Jessica also said on April 9 that the frilly Schiaparelli dress Olivia wore in Cannes, France made her look like she was "peeing a wedding veil."

Responding to the fashion blog's nasty comments, the "X-Men: Apocalypse" star wrote, "For years, fashion-policing celebrity has been an accepted mainstream media critique, even though it mainly focuses on females and not men, which ultimately contributes to the perpetual minimization of women and propagates the idea is predominantly (or singularly) tied to our looks. At the forefront of this right now are blogs like Go Fug Yourself, created and run by people who have anointed themselves as judge and jury of what's fashionable."

Noticing the blog's use of the term "fugly," which is short of "f**king ugly," Olivia mentioned some of the blog's posts that read " 'Julianne Moore Looks Like a Cloud,' 'Taylor Swift Looked Very Twee... I think this outfit is quasi-ridiculous on you but I look forward to your new work,' and 'There Is Just So Much Fug in This Coachella Post' where they unleash an arsenal of public digs, to name a few."

"Their blatant hypocrisy is nauseating - they claim to employ some sort of subjective barometer for goodness and beauty even though what they do and write is neither good nor beautiful," the former "Six" star added. While she realizes that nothing will change with the blog after she wrote the essay, she explained the need to address this, "I'm writing this because people shouldn't get away with spewing whatever vitriol they want just by betting on the antiquated notion that the people they target won't say anything."

While this kind of "snarkiness" and "hypocrisy" is not something new, Olivia noted that the world has changed a lot from several years ago. "A lot of people have had to wake up and acknowledge the part they've played in the suppression of women," she wrote. "And to The Fug Girls and all of your peers: Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're not part of the problem. The world woke up in 2017 but you stayed sleeping."

She signed off with a pun on the blog's name. "Cheers and go fug yourself," the raven beauty concluded it. She added in the caption of the post, "A short essay on the ugly behaviors of the @fuggirls."

Olivia's post has received more than 30,000 likes, including from fellow actors Ariel Winter and Mahershala Ali. Meanwhile, Olivia's former "The Newsroom" co-star Thomas Sadoski commented, "That's my homegirl right there. F**k yes."

Some others, however, accused Olivia of attacking the blog and misrepresenting it as "antifeminist." One defended the blog, "I don't think your assessment is fair. Their blog is never about women's bodies or looks. It's about fashion choices. It's inclusive in every way possible while never pandering."

Another similarly commented, "this is an unfortunate misunderstanding of @fuggirls, a fashion blog that has been absolutely painstaking in their care about not bodyshaming, and it suggests Munn has read very little of their work."

Someone else added, "This appears to be the week celebrities with enormous social media followings punch down and single out their critics for harassment. Let's not be coy. Olivia Munn knows exactly what kind of week the @FugGirls are going to have thanks to this. This is irresponsible."

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