The Deve Meyers-directed visuals begins with the pop superstar and the Panic at the Disco frontman having an argument inside their apartment, with the former telling him to 'calm down.'

AceShowbiz - Following weeks of teasing, Taylor Swift has finally returned with a new single along with its music video. Titled "ME!", the highly-anticipated song features Panic at the Disco's frontman Brendon Urie who also appears in the music video, which made its way out just after midnight on Friday, April 26 as promised.

In the Deve Meyers-directed visuals, the collaborators play a couple. It begins with them having an argument inside their apartment, with Taylor telling Brendon to "calm down" and talk. "You're so dramatic," he replies, prompting the blonde songstress to snap. "How dare you?! And in front of our young daughters!" she screams, pointing at two cats relaxing on a sofa.

Taylor begins singing once she leaves their apartment room, telling Brendon he will never "find another like me." She continues rhyming, "I'm the only one of me/ Baby that's the fun of me/ You're the only one of you/ Baby, that's the fun of you/ And I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me."

Throughout the four-minute video, viewers get to see how Taylor and Brendon make up after their fight. It ends with the two of them sharing an umbrella together.

Hours before the release of the track, Taylor shared the inspiration behind the track when she stopped by the 2019 NFL Draft on ABC. " 'ME!' is a song about embracing your individuality, and really celebrating it, and owning it," she said. "I think with a pop song we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people's heads and I just want it to be one that makes people feel better about themselves."

"ME!" serves as the first single off Taylor's upcoming album, which still doesn't have a title or a release date. It will be a follow-up to her record-breaking album "Reputation".

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