Report: Wendy Williams Moves Into New Apartment, 'Cuts Off' Financial Support to Kevin Hunter
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The decision to start afresh in the Big Apple is not spontaneous as a source says, 'She has been planning this split for a long time and has been really looking forward to starting all over again.'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has started a new life after filing for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter. The 54-year-old TV host has reportedly been out of the sober home in Queens and moved into her new apartment in the Big Apple without her estranged husband.

"Wendy is happy to finally be out of her sober living in Queens. Over the last weekend, Wendy moved into her new apartment by herself in Manhattan," a source close to Wendy says to The source adds that "The Wendy Williams Show" host is "feeling healthier, happier and stronger than ever."

She is said to be "ready to move forward" after "announcing her divorce and getting Kevin off her show and out of her life." The source continues saying that Wendy "did not want to go back to the home [she and Kevin] shared, there were too many memories of their time together."

The source claims that Wendy has thought the decision through. "She has been planning this split for a long time and has been really looking forward to starting all over again," the insider explains. "Wendy signed the new lease on her new apartment weeks ago and is excited to be single and in the city as a successful, sexy, independent woman. She is thrilled about this new chapter in her life and feels unstoppable."

In related news, it is reported that Wendy "totally cut off Kevin Hunter from her money and has hired a team to ensure all of her finances are secure." TMZ further says that Wendy has separated their funds and created new accounts and she started the process way before she filed for divorce on April 11.

This arrives following reports that Kevin tried to poison Wendy, prompting police to pay a visit to their home and check on her well being. Authorities allegedly came to their house in New Jersey back in January after receiving a report from an anonymous caller who claimed to be working at Wendy's production company. Kevin was initially "hesitant" to let them in because she was "sick and recovering from a health problem."

An officer eventually asked her about the poisoning accusation, to which she replied, "Well, I'm very popular." But after being pressed by the police, she became "tearful" and ultimately denied any poisoning had occurred. Kevin then said to the officers that there had never been any calls to their house over domestic violence complaints. In response to this, the cops said that they "couldn't recall any."

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