Leah Messer's Twin Daughters Joke About Poisoning Her Ex Jason Jordan Because They Don't Like Him

After learning about this from her youngest daughter, Addie, the 'Teen Mom 2' star confronts her 9-year-old daughters Aliannah and Aleeah and urges them to tell her the truth.

AceShowbiz - Leah Messer's twin daughters, Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace, might be breathing a sigh of relief when her mother decided to call it quits with her then-boyfriend, Jason Jordan. It was recently revealed in the latest episode of "Teen Mom 2" that the 9-year-old girls didn't approve of their relationship so much that they even joked about poisoning him.

Once the mother of three learned about this from her youngest daughter Addie, she confronted both Ali and Aleeah and urged them to tell her the truth. Both girls denied the claim, but Leah didn't appear to be convinced. "Jason has never been mean to you guys, not once," she said. "If you guys feel some type of way you need to talk to us."

"It's an adjustment," Leah continued telling. "Instead of it just being mommy, it'll be all of us. Someday we will probably all live together. Do we know when? No. It's going to happen." Hearing this, Aleeah said that they were only "kidding" when they said they wanted to poison Jason. But when Leah asked them whether they love Jason, they didn't respond. Instead, Addie chimed in, "I like him as a friend, but I don't like him."

Leah and Jason started dating in early 2018 before calling it quits after about six months of dating. The pair rekindled their romance in the following month and split up once again in March of this year. In a recent interview, the blonde star admitted that their relationship wasn't great, claiming that it was "toxic."

Leah went on sharing that she and Jason had yet to talk to each other following the split, and discloses that the breakup would be featured in the next season of "Teen Mom 2". Additionally, she ruled out any possibility of them getting back together.

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