The 'Harry Potter' star reveals during his appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show' that the fan-favorite agent character is not a role he ever sees himself landing.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Radcliffe is under no illusions that he'll ever play James Bond.

After completing the eight "Harry Potter" films which made him a household name, Daniel has mostly swapped Hollywood blockbusters for indie flicks and TV work.

He's also recently laid down his vocals for "Playmobil: The Movie", where he voices super spy Rex Dasher.

Talking on "The Graham Norton Show", which airs in the U.K. on Friday night (April 19), Daniel says he often gets told by fans in the U.S. that he should be the next Bond, but it's not a role he ever sees himself landing.

"When people meet me in America and hear my English accent, they say, 'You should play James Bond'. I know, and everyone here knows, I will never be James Bond, but playing a Bond-like 'Playmobil' character felt much more likely!" he grinned.

The film, which also features Anya Taylor-Joy and Adam Lambert, hits cinemas in August.

As well as giving him the chance to flex his spy muscles, "Playmobil: The Movie" also means Daniel gets his likeness made into a toy; though because of Harry Potter, this isn't a new experience for the 29-year-old.

"The director sent me a really well-meaning text that said, 'Congratulations, you're a toy!' I was like, 'I don't want to rain on your parade, but I have been a toy a lot!' It sounds a conceited thing to say, but it's not. It's been a weird factor of my life," he said.

Joining Daniel on the show is Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway, talking about their new film "The Hustle", "Killing Eve" star Jodie Comer, and singer Mabel.

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