Edward Norton Accuses Set Building Landlord of Negligence in Fatal Fire Lawsuit
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The 'Birdman' actor and his production company partners are holding Vincent Sollazzo responsible for any damages caused by the blaze in the apartment building during 'Motherless Brooklyn' shooting.

AceShowbiz - "Birdman" star Edward Norton is suing the landlord of a New York film set, which went up in flames last year (March 2018), killing a firefighter.

Norton was directing the film "Motherless Brooklyn" in the apartment building when the fire broke out, and now he and his production company partners at Class 5 are officially blaming Vincent Sollazzo for blaze, which caused severe damage to the property.

In new court papers obtained by The Blast, they blame the landlord for failing to maintain the building's boiler and an operational sprinkler system, or install or maintain smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors.

Norton claims the production team notified firefighters as soon as the blaze began in the cellar of the building, "where there was no operational sprinkler system to contain and/or extinguish it".

He and his partners also insist they were not warned of any hazards when New York City Fire Department officials granted them a permit to shoot at the building.

At no point did the FDNY form the Production Team that any area of the Building was unsafe," the legal papers read. "Nor did the FDNY inform the Production Team that any work done by the Production Team was unsafe or problematic."

Norton is suing the owner for negligence and wants Solazzo to be held responsible for any damages that might be awarded from the lawsuits filed against the filmmaker's company over the fire.

An elderly couple, who lost their home in the blaze and the widow of the firefighter killed in the tragedy are suing Class 5 and Sollazzo.

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