Mischa Barton Seeks to Remove Drug and Alcohol Abuse Past From U-Haul Accident Trial
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The former star of 'The O.C.' is set to appear in court in late April over the $27,000 lawsuit filed by the homeowners' association at The Park Wellington condos stemming from her 2017 incident.

AceShowbiz - Mischa Barton is attempting to keep accusations of her drug use out of an upcoming U-Haul accident trial.

The former "The O.C." star is set to appear in court over the 2017 incident later this month and, according to documents obtained by The Blast, she is requesting any reference to her past drug and alcohol abuse is removed.

In the legal papers she insists homeowners association officials at the Park Wellington condos, who filed the suit against her, "should not be permitted to accuse defendant of having taken drugs or alcohol the night of incident where there is no evidence to support this".

The 33-year-old insists that despite her struggles with addiction, she was not under the influence during the collision and believes members of Park Wellington will use her headline-grabbing stories to make personal attacks on her character in court by accusing her of having "issues with alcohol and prescription drug abuse".

"The O.C." actress was sued for $27,000 (£21,000) by the homeowners' association at The Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood for allegedly ramming her rented U-Haul track into plaster covered support beams in a carport, causing structural damages that required repairs, while she was moving in February, 2017 with her then-boyfriend Adam Spaw.

She is now being sued by U-Haul bosses, who claimed she abandoned the rented truck and the contents where it was jammed.

U-Haul executives took possession of the belongings she left behind and put them in storage, as per their rental agreement. Barton allegedly came to collect her possessions, but staff refused to give them back until she paid them an outstanding bill. The actress and her ex allegedly still owe a total of $5,828 (£4,433) for the truck rental, as well as the storage.

In the documents, U-Haul bosses are asking for the right to sell off the items at auction if Barton or Spaw don't pay up.

The trial date is set for 30 April.

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