Emilia Clarke Believes Photo Editing Apps for Social Media Should Be Banned
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Hoping to spread the message of self-acceptance, the 'Game of Thrones' actress explains while she does use different picture filters to adjust her photos, she is against other image retouchings.

AceShowbiz - "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke has hit out at the widespread use of photo editing apps for promoting unrealistic standards of beauty.

The actress is not a fan of image retouching and is disturbed by just how common it has become on social media, because some of the reworked pictures are just so "fake".

"I think that we can find our inner beauty by looking inwards and not outwards," she tells Miss Vogue. "Seriously. Now we're really screwed because we've got the editing, we've got the shading, we've got all that b**ody nonsense. They don't look like that. Ain't nobody look like that (sic)!".

Emilia is particularly astounded that it's not just celebrities using apps like Photoshop to make themselves look their best online - and she believes such tools should be banned.

"I struggle with the girl next door also editing their pictures," she shares. "It's not right...".

"I think that the apps that make people airbrush themselves and look thinner or look clearer skinned should be banned. I don't think this s**t should be on the phone for young people. I do not agree with it, I do not like it, it doesn't make me feel good."

The 32-year-old insists she never alters her Instagram photos, although she does like playing around with the different picture filters to adjust the lighting of her posts.

"I filter, sure, everybody's got to filter!" she laughs. "But ain't no way (sic) that I'm going to retouch that stuff."

Emilia reveals she even took offence to the use of Photoshop on some of her early movie posters, in which she was made to look a lot bustier than she is in real life.

Recalling how she confronted one film's producers, she says, "Hey guys, I ain't got no DDs (sic). I'm very happy with what I've got, and it's not what you've put on that poster."

Emilia is hoping to spread her message of self-acceptance to fans, encouraging them to "lean into your body type".

"It's not that only that body type can wear that, and only that body type can wear that," she explains. "There's nothing wrong with being tall and skinny, there's nothing wrong with being an absolutely bone normal size 12 or being anything bigger than that. Nothing wrong with it."

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