Zachary Levi Opens Up About Surviving A Period of Suicidal Tendencies

Speaking about his struggle with anxiety and depression, the 'Shazam!' star believes that his 'tortured and psychologically abused' mother contributed to him developing his mental health issues.

AceShowbiz - Actor Zachary Levi doubts he would have survived a period of "such darkness" years ago had he not sought therapy to deal with suicidal tendencies.

The "Tangled" star, 38, admits he struggled through a really tough time during his youth, and his anxiety and depression became so bad, he came close to choosing to end his own life.

"I got to a place in my life where I legitimately didn't want to live anymore. I was in such darkness," he told U.S. daytime show "The View".

Levi believes his mental health issues developed from his rough childhood, as his mother Susan Pugh also battled personal trauma.

"It's generational, I fully believe," he shared. "My mum was a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent, incredible woman, was also very, very tortured and psychologically abused her whole life, and therefore me and my sisters got the brunt of that."

"My mum didn't know she was doing that to us, most people don't; in fact, I would argue that all the people who are doing bad in the world genuinely don't really know how bad they're doing (sic)."

"They have problems and we have to be able to stop dehumanising each other, stop dehumanising ourselves," he said. "We have to love one another, we have to be patient and kind and understanding and forgiving, because that is the way we all get back to a better world."

The experience has inspired Levi to speak openly about mental health and its treatment, in a bid to destigmatise the topic for others.

"I think mental health is the most important thing we should all be talking about, legitimately," he added. "I have therapists in Los Angeles and also people I will use sometimes when I'm not in L.A."

Levi has also previously credited prayer and meditation with helping him overcome his internal issues.

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