Kate Moss' Alleged Stalker Served With Restraining Order
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William Warrington, who reportedly left a 'Phantom of the Opera' mask and other unwanted objects outside the supermodel's house in 2018, has been threatened with jail time if he violates the order.

AceShowbiz - A restraining order against Kate Moss' alleged stalker, who visited her U.K. property on multiple occasions last year (18) and left her a string of gifts, has been enforced.

William Warrington, 37, left a number of unwanted objects outside the supermodel's $3.3 million (£2.5 million) country mansion in Little Faringdon, Oxon, between September and October.

He notably left a Phantom of the Opera mask hanging on the star's front gates, which was found by a housekeeper as she arrived for work.

Other gifts he left behind included a World War Two helmet with an "apparently threatening" note, as well as cake, a bottle of champagne, and a sunflower.

Warrington has now been handed a restraining order, which prevents him from contacting the 45-year-old model or going anywhere near her property.

Prosecutor Richard Atkins told magistrates in Oxford that Warrington's actions had "caused distress to the celebrity in question and her family".

He insisted, however, that the perpetrator had "no intention" of contacting the star directly, and that there would be no conviction for his previous actions.

Closing the proceedings, the judge recited the terms of the order, and warned Warrington, "If you do any of those things you commit a serious offence, for which you could be sent to prison."

Moss is one of a number of celebrities who own property in the area, with famous neighbours including artist Damien Hirst, her actor ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp, and former British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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