Kourtney Kardashian Describes Newly-Launched Site Poosh as 'Place of Discovery'

The lifestyle site that went live on April 2 covers such topics as health, wellness, beauty and fashion among others, and features the eldest Kardashian sister's tips on how to look good naked.

AceShowbiz - Kourtney Kardashian has launched a lifestyle website for the "modern woman" who wants to live like her.

The eldest Kardashian sister went live with her website Poosh on Tuesday, April 02, which takes its name from the reality star's nickname for her six-year-old daughter Penelope. Much like Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, Kourtney's platform will cover topics including health, wellness, beauty, fashion, her passion for interior decor and kids.

"It's a place of discovery," she told Vogue.com. "Poosh will be curating a lifestyle that's very much the lifestyle that I lead."

Currently the site features posts about organic wines, coffee table books, and Kourtney's tips on how to look good naked, and it will also feature product recommendations, recipes, and interviews with wellness experts to show its readers that Kourtney's way of life "is achievable by all."

"I try to use all natural beauty products," she added, explaining that not everything in her kit is 100 per cent organic. "It's all about living your best life and embracing the fact that it's not perfect."

In addition, Kourtney will share information on clean beauty, a cause she became passionate about after noticing harmful ingredients in the products she used daily when she first became a mum. Last year (18), she went to Washington, D.C. to advocate for cosmetics reforms on Capitol Hill.

"It's important to use my voice to share everything I've learned," she continued. "I would think that by this point, we wouldn't have to do the work ourselves on the Skin Deep App," she noted, referencing the Environmental Working Group's popular tool that rates the toxicity of personal care products. The 39-year-old recently rid her bathroom of products rated more than three on EWG's score system.

"I got rid of so many things - even my kids' hair gel that's made for kids was a horrible score and I had no idea and I was so upset about it," she told the LA Times. "The other thing about the importance of the law with Congress that we're hoping gets passed is we shouldn't have to be doing this. We shouldn't have to be, as consumers, going into a store and scanning every product and going through our whole bathrooms or having kids' products that are hazardous to our children."

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