Rachel Bilson's 'Lovestruck' Gets Sued for Late Night Filming by Georgia Neighbor

Teresa Howard is seeking an injunction to shut down the production of the Twentieth Century Fox's new TV show under the argument that officials hide the truth about the shooting hours.

AceShowbiz - A Georgia mum is trying to shut down the production of Rachel Bilson's new TV show after learning filming could keep her and her neighbours up at night.

Teresa Howard has sued bosses at Twentieth Century Fox, accusing production officials of lying to residents, who live on the street where "Lovestruck" was due to start shooting on Friday, March 29, according to The Blast.

The worried mum-of-three school-aged children claims a flyer TV bosses gave to neighbours informed them that they would be using a home adjacent to hers for 17 days, but they didn't disclose they would be filming through the night, using heavy equipment.

Howard is accusing production bosses of obtaining filming permits by not telling the truth about the late night filming hours - and the type of shoot. She is demanding an injunction to halt filming as soon as possible.

A judge has yet to rule.

"Lovestruck" also stars Andie MacDowell, Richard Roxburgh, and Kathleen Turner.

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