Gigi Hadid Fan Denies Insulting Her Appearance After Getting Scolded by the Model: 'Calm Down'

Feeling rather offended by the model's tweet to her, the fan hits back, 'Go rant to someone else bruh omg everyone's clowning you but you're gonna come directly at me... alright.'

AceShowbiz - Gigi Hadid wasn't having it when she spotted a fan, whose family got the opportunity to take pics with the model, seemingly judging her appearance. Thus, the Victoria's Secret model decided to hit back at the said fan after the latter posted screenshots of her talking about the photos on her family's group chat.

The said fan captioned the images with, "Tell me [who] my cousins met," to which some of her friends replied with comments such as, "Gigi's worst look" and "why does she look like that." The fan herself didn't made any comment regarding her appearance, but the daughter of Yolanda Hadid apparently thought that the fan purposely shared the pics on social media so that people could mock her.

Gigi began by explaining why she didn't look good in the pics, revealing that she had just wrapped "shooting in the sun for 12 hours in a wig" when the fan's family came up to her and asked for pictures. However, she still decided to be "open and kind" to them.

"It bums me out that there's people like you who function on an intelligence level that would look beyond the nice experience I had with your sweet fam & turn that into such a negative and mean train of thought....!" she continued saying. "Your tweets don't make me ugly gurl , they make u."

Reading her tweets, the fan felt she was wronged because she didn't say anything about Gigi's appearance. In her defense, the fan replied back, "ma'am DID I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOU EVERYONES CLOWNING CALM DOWN ND," before adding in another tweet, "I didn't say ANYTHING! Go rant to someone else bruh omg everyone's clowning you but you're gonna come directly at me... alright."

Gigi has yet to replied back at the fan.

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