James Corden's Creepy Doppelganger Takes Over 'Late Late Show' in Hilarious 'Us' Parody

Watch James and Reggie Watts come face-to-face with their worst enemies, their imposters, who won't stop at nothing until they host the talk show.

AceShowbiz - James Corden's nightmare comes true in a spoof of Jordan Peele's latest horror movie "Us". Taking cue from the new box office hit, the parody that aired during "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on Monday night, March 25 has the comedian coming face-to-face with his evil doppelganger.

It all begins as Reggie Watts disappears from rehearsal to follow a "creepy guy" wearing an all-red ensemble on a rooftop. As James and Reggie return to the studio, their imposters already claim their spots on the stage.

"What are you people?" James asks. "It's us," Reggie answers. James responds, "You mean 'we.' " Reggie tells James that "we" is wrong grammatically, but James insists on using "we" because of a "copyright issue."

"They look exactly like we do," James tells Reggie, as the British host learns that his doppelganger has the same One Direction tattoo as his. "They joke like we do. They know where we are," he goes on noting. "They won't stop until they host this show."

As the tagline reminds viewers that "we are our own worst enemy," the parody features "an out-of-context creepy thing" which is the placement of random rabbits on James' desk and the stage. Reggie's carbon-copy, meanwhile, is running through directly at the camera like the creepy kid in "Us" trailers, but he clumsily trips and falls on his face.

The parody doesn't culminate in bloody murders, though, since the doppelgangers only want to take over the show. The imposters' plans work and the real James and Reggie get locked in a room. As they watch their doppelgangers perform on the show, they appear to come to terms with it. "He's kinda great," the "Into the Woods" star says after the fake host delivers a joke.

Jordan Peele's "Us" has hit theaters since March 22. The follow-up to his 2017 hit and critically-acclaimed directorial debut "Get Out", it debuted at No. 1 on North American box office with $77.1 million haul.

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