Fans Come to T.I.'s Defense After He Faces Criticism for Wearing Gucci Despite Boycott

The 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' actor receives backlash after he posts on Instagram a photo of him wearing Gucci's 'Cotton Polo with Bee' shirt.

AceShowbiz - T.I.'s recent Instagram post has been raising a lot of people's eyebrows. The rapper recently shared a birthday tribute to his son Domani Harris, but instead of focusing on his well wishes, people's attention was more directed to the fact that T.I. was wearing a Gucci shirt in the photo. This surely looks strange considering the fact that he has been vocal about his hatred toward the brand after the blackface controversy.

The photo in question featured T.I. linking hands with the now 18-year-old boy, who rocked a green beige jacket over a white T-shirt. While the picture only showed the "Whatever You Like" rapper's side profile, it wasn't hard to notice that the shirt which he was wearing was Gucci's "Cotton Polo with Bee" shirt.

Lihat postingan ini di Instagram

I can’t say enough how proud I am of the man you’re becoming @domaniharris1 . I’m always impressed by your “young wisdom” and your selfless (borderline insane) generosity. Your talent has always been undeniable and now your passion,focus and awareness are catching up to it all at once. It’s truly an honor to be a part of your journey up to here. Even doper to see you shape and mold future generations. You’ve accepted all the challenges the universe put in front of you (well...except football 🤣😂😉)& made the adjustments necessary that grew you all the way here to this moment... That’s Fye🔥!!! Pipe Up and Go Claim what’s rightfully yours out there!!! Wit you for LIFE!!!! Happy Birthday My Boi!!! #GameWePlay #OUTNOW

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh TIP (@troubleman31) pada

Upset fans soon flooded the comment section and slammed T.I. "Is that Gucci you got on? So we can wear Gucci now? The boycott is over," one sarcastically asked. "That's a Gucci Shirt @troubleman31 has on!! SMFH!!!" another snarked as one other wondered, "Is that a Gucci polo [poop emoji]? I thought you was boycotting Gucci?"

Fortunately for the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" star, he has fans who were more than willing to come to his defense. Some have hit back at the critics, pointing out that the picture was taken back before the controversy happened. "That pic is old. At least before the Gucci drama. Remember the Gucci drama was only last month. So cut the bull," one said.

T.I. is among those who are vocal about their disappointment in Gucci after the brand unleashed a sweater that resembled blackface. Even though the company has apologized for it, he wasn't receiving it well and called for boycott. "APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. Our culture RUNS THIS S**T," he said last month. "We spend $1.25 TRILLION/year (but are the least respected and the least included) and if we stop buying ANYTHING they MUST correct any and ALL of our concern."

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