Radio Station's Apology for Calling NCT 127 and EXO's Lay 'Random Asian Guys' Backfires
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Instead of forgiveness, 'The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show' receives more backlash for disrespecting the Asian stars in their apology.

AceShowbiz - Local radio station KISS FM recently irked many K-Pop fans after its hosts made disrespectful remarks about NCT 127 and EXO's Lay during their show. Employees at the radio station has since issued apology regarding the comment to no avail because fans believed they were mocking their idols in their statement.

It all started when Jason Derulo's collaboration with the Asian stars, "Let's Shut Up & Dance", was played during "The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show". The hosts introduced the Michael Jackson tribute project as new music by Jason without mentioning his collaborators. When they did, they mistook them for BTS (Bangtan Boys).

After realizing that Jason's collaborators were actually not the seven-piece group, they said, "So it was just some random group of Asian guys dancing? We just got excited for nothing."

Fans naturally criticized the radio hosts for the disrespecting both NCT 127 and Lay, and it didn't take too long for staff from the radio station to apologize. The statement read, "We're still learning K-Pop and know of BTS, but hadn't yet discovered NCT 127 or Lay. Calling them a 'random group of Asian guys dancing' was unprofessional on our part. Sometimes we speak before getting all the info. This was one of those times."

"Again, we're sorry and look forward to the day when every person on Earth knows NCT and Lay in a way that they know Ari [Ariana Grande], Taylor [Taylor Swift] and Justin," the statement concluded.

Instead of forgiveness, the radio station received even more criticism with many believing that they're still disrespecting their idols in the apology. "I actually felt the apology was ok as I read the first 2 paragraphs but then you guys haddd to butcher it with that last one didn't ya," one user tweeted, to which the station replied, "We are just saying the industry is very tough and wish them good luck in their rise to fame."

"Deepest apologiez???? Are you serious!!!!!? SINCERELY?? Your 3rd paragraph not even sincere! You're being sarcastic!" another snarked. In its defense, it tweeted back, "Not at all. The music industry is tough. Very tough. We have been friends with lots of talented artists who never hit it BIG. NCT is on their way and we really hope they do well!"

Shutting down the station's claim that both NCT and Lay aren't big enough, one compared the number of Instagram followers that Lay and Jason had. While Jason has 4.3 million, the Chinese star has more than 9 million followers.

Neither NCT 127 nor Lay has yet to respond to this.

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