Annie Potts Recalls the Time She Came Close to Missing Out on 'Toy Story' Role
WENN/Pixar Animation Studios/Regina Wagner

The 'Young Sheldon' actress, who voices Bo Peep in 'Toy Story 4', opens up why she was not excited when her agent called to inform her about Pixar's 'first completely computer animated' film.

AceShowbiz - Actress Annie Potts almost missed out on playing Bo Peep in the "Toy Story 4" movies because she was too busy with mum duties to check out a test DVD.

The "Ghostbusters" star admits she wasn't that impressed when her agent called and told her Pixar bosses were interested in using her voice in the "first completely computer animated full-length movie," but she didn't exactly race to check out what they sent.

"They (agents) said, 'Well they've sent you some shorts and they'd like you to take a look,' " she tells breakfast show "Good Morning America". "I had a toddler and a teenager and I was doing a series and they called me back and said, 'Did you look?' "

The actress hadn't had a chance to check out the DVD but days later her young son opened the box, pulled out the disc and pressed play.

Potts adds, "I came came home from work one day and my three year old had torn open the box they sent and he grabbed my hand and said, 'Mommy, mommy, come look!' "

"By that time he could put the disc in himself, and I sat down and watched about two of them and I went, 'Mommy will be right back, I have to make a call!' "

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