Nick Cannon Gushes Over Wendy Williams' Passionate and Lovely Family: She Doesn't Need Negativity
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Additionally, Cannon shares Williams' message to her fans, saying that the 54-year-old TV personality wants her fans to have fun until she's coming back all healthy.

AceShowbiz - While Wendy Williams is recovering at home after suffering Graves' disease complications, Nick Cannon is taking over her daytime talkshow "The Wendy Williams Show". In Monday, February 4 episode of the show, the guest host brought a good update on Williams, telling the audience that she sounded "amazing."

"I talked to her and honestly, she sounded amazing y'all. We jumped on the phone and first thing she said, 'Nick Cannon, how you doing?' " the 38-year-old shared. "Honestly, I didn't know what to expect at first. But her spirit was so big, it was so amazing."

The "Wild n' Out" host also used the opportunity to help shut down rumors of marriage woes between Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter. "And you know what was also really awesome? I had a conversation with her and her whole family and she said she wanted to speak as a family unit," Cannon revealed.

He continued saying that he talked to Williams, Kevin and little Kevin, adding that "they all good." Cannon then went on gushing, "The love and the passion is still there 'cause that's what you need in times like this is your family to stick together with you."

The host guest further revealed that their conversation "got a little emotional" as they talked about his own struggle of battling with autoimmune disease lupus. "It did because when I spoke to her she just said she feels y'all love, you know what I mean? And she knows that there's probably a lot questions that haven't been answered and stuff," Cannon said.

"But as someone who also deals with an autoimmune condition -- I was diagnosed with lupus before -- I know when you go through these things and these flair-ups and stuff, you never know," he added. "It's day by day, y'all. You know, you one day could be a strong day and the next day you can't even get out of bed."

During the episode, Cannon also addressed his "love-hate relationship" with Williams. "Because you know me and Wendy had a love-hate relationship over the years. But it's nothing but love because I love my queen," he said.

The ex-husband of Mariah Carey went on adding that Wendy's aware of the bad rumors surrounding her family, but she doesn't have time for negativity. "She said this, she said there can be negativity out there and she hears the things about people talking about her family unit and what's going on and she was like, 'You know what, we don't want to bring that negative energy when you're trying to heal,' " spilled Cannon.

Additionally, Cannon shared Williams' message to her fans. "She said, 'Have fun, but don't get too comfortable because I'm coming back,' " he said.

Cannon has been tapped to guest-host "The Wendy Williams Show" until February 6 as the original host is taking "a necessary, extended break from her show to focus on her personal and physical well-being."

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