Adam Driver Recalls Awkward Encounter With 'Star Wars' Fan on Car Crash Site
WENN/Ian Wilson

While he enjoys being recognized for his portrayal of Kylo Ren on two 'Star Wars' films, the 'BlacKkKlansman' actor admits he often got approached at bad timings.

AceShowbiz - Adam Driver had an awkward encounter with a "Star Wars" fan following a car crash.

The actor loves being recognised for his role as villain Kylo Ren, but fans' timing isn't always right - like the time he was confronted by a devotee as paramedics swarmed around the survivors of an accident.

Driver explains he was picking up coffee at a neighbourhood cafe when two cars collided in the street outside - and he rushed out to see if he could help.

"I went outside and there was someone in the building across the street yelling out their window, 'Is everybody OK?'," he recalls. "The guy who crashed his SUV got out and he was dazed and the woman who was in the car was crying.

"In the midst of that somebody brought up their kid and was like, 'Hi! Big Star Wars fan'... I had to take this awkward picture with this kid. Then there are paramedics rushing in the background. It was very strange."

Adam is also less than thrilled when parents approach him while he is eating: "It's weird when the parents bring their kids over while you're having dinner with people," he adds.

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