Jenna Jameson Declares Break From Twitter to Protect Her Faith and Sobriety
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The former porn star has since received support from Internet users after others attacked her for being Jewish and for her past.

AceShowbiz - Jenna Jameson is opting to stay away from Twitter for an "indefinite" amount of time. Having been subjected to anti-Semitic comments by fellow Internet users, the former adult film star announced in a Wednesday January 9 tweet that she would be "taking a break" from the social media platform.

"Alright I'm taking an indefinite break from Twitter," the ex-wife of Tito Ortiz informed her 600K-plus followers. On what led her to the decision to distance herself, she pointed out, "It's near impossible to just have normal conversations without hundreds of people attacking me for the past I cannot change."

Hours later, the 44-year-old posted another tweet that further explained her action. "I want to clarify why I'm leaving. My sobriety and faith are the most important things to me," she detailed. "I am being attacked for my faith. Being Jewish. I must protect my love for G-d above everything, my sobriety and strength stem from him and his grace."

Prior to the announcement, Jameson was fighting off online trolls. She first responded to a now deleted tweet with a statement that read, "Antisemitism is alive and well my friends." After another user implied that she was going to hell for being a "jewish" and a "hoe," she replied, "So what you’re saying is no one can out grow their [past] and become better? By the way, I’m not a garden tool."

As for her decision to take a break, the Queen of Porn found support from her followers. One told her, "I think a break from social media can be healthy every now and then. Hope to see you back soon! Don’t let the critics get you down." Another said, "I'm so sorry these horrible people feel the need to bully you. It says far more about them than you."

Others agreed that Jameson's past shouldn't define who she is as a person. "Your past does not define you! You are an amazing woman who has many ups and downs in your life and you keep coming out on top," one fan in particular stated. "As far as I am concerned, you are a fighter and an inspiration to many to keep pushing through."

Despite her Twitter break, Jameson apparently isn't ditching social media altogether. On the same day of her announcement, she still made use of her Instagram account to post an inspirational message. "Remember sometimes people will doubt you, second guess you and your faith. Let them," her post read. "Show them what the lord has made you capable of. Be unshakeable. Be brave."

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