Legal representatives for the 'Deuces' hitmaker explain that the condition thrown in by the singer to film Jane Doe while she inspects his home is whipped out to protect the property.

AceShowbiz - R&B star Chris Brown has been accused of attempting to "harass and intimidate" a woman suing him for a sexual assault she allegedly suffered at his Los Angeles home.

A female only identified as Jane Doe filed suit against Brown in May (2018), claiming the "Loyal" hitmaker imprisoned her at his mansion during a February, 2017 party and allowed her to be raped by his friend, Lowell Grissom.

Brown, who was also alleged to have provided cocaine and other drugs to his house guests, has denied any involvement in the alleged sex attack, but now the woman is seeking a court order granting her access to inspect the star's property as her lawyers continue to build up her case.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, the alleged victim explains her lawyers have been trying to negotiate with Brown's attorneys, but they only agreed to the visit, which included permission to take photos and videos, on the condition that the singer is allowed to film her as she goes through his home.

She is objecting to Brown's demand, and has called on a judge to rule on her inspection request.

The woman is also seeking a protective order banning Brown from capturing her on camera during the visit, insisting it's nothing more than an attempt to "harass and intimidate" her while she is on location.

However, Brown's attorneys claim the filming stipulation is mainly to ensure the security of his home.

"We want to make sure the home is protected, and our client is protected," his legal representatives responded to the Jane Doe lawyers. "Your client has already made false accusations against Mr. Brown, so we want to simply videotape the premises and inspection as it is being conducted to make sure your client doesn't make up further false allegations against Mr. Brown."

Brown previously claimed he had no knowledge of the alleged rape because he had been "occupied with pornography and performing sexual acts with women" in another room.

He wants to be dismissed from the lawsuit, which he points out never mentions anything about Brown touching her or physically harming her in any way, or displaying any kind of violence towards her.

The case continues.

It's not the only legal headache for Brown - he's also just been hit with two criminal charges relating to his pet Capuchin monkey, named Fiji. He is accused of having a restricted species without a permit, and is due to face the counts in a Los Angeles court on February 6, 2019. If found guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

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