Carrie Underwood Hits Back at Her 'SNF' Theme Song Hater in the Classiest Way Possible

Responding to a Twitter user who hates 'Game On', the season 4 winner of 'American Idol' admits not everyone will like her music, but she still loves what she does.

AceShowbiz - Carrie Underwood has no time to waste all of her energy on haters. Thus, when a Twitter user expressed her dislike over the country singer's "Sunday Night Football" theme song "Game On", she decided to keep her response as classy as possible.

"I love that NBC has been reading everyone's Collinsworth slide tweets because it means they've also been reading all the tweets about how much we hate the new Carrie Underwood song," so the user, who appears to be Sports Illustrated producer Jessica Smetana, wrote on the micro-blogging site.

Hours later, Carrie responded to the message by admitting that not everyone would like her music, but she still loves it no matter what. "Hey, I know my music isn't for everyone, but I love what I do and I love being a part of @SNFonNBC ! I am one lucky lady," the "American Idol" season 4 winner wrote. Further hitting back at the producer, she said, "I also love women who build other women up...just saying..."

Not stopping there, she followed it up with a tweet encouraging her fans and followers to treat others with kindness. "Today, let's be positive. Let's be NICE to each other. Let's do something nice FOR someone else," she said. "Smile at a stranger. It's the start of a new week! Today is precious! Don't waste it! Sending love and cheer to you all!" She ended the tweet by promoting her latest single "Love Wins".

Jessica herself has apologized for dissing "Game On", noting that she didn't mean to upset Carrie or her fans. "Sorry that I dissed 'Game On' in my tweet about Cris Collinsworth's slides. I didn't mean to upset Carrie or her fans, and I'm all about supporting women too," she said, explaining that she just missed Faith Hill's "SNF" theme song "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night".

"Game On" was released on September 9, just before the NBC sport show kicked off its new season.

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