James Woods Gets Ridiculed After Mistaking South America for Africa

The 'White House Down' actor finds himself the butt of online jokes after he made a geography blunder when he actually tried to diss CNN for the media outlet's error.

AceShowbiz - James Woods was recently ridiculed on Twitter after confusing South America with Africa.

The outspoken conservative actor took aim at the left-leaning media outlet CNN last week (ends December 16) by sharing a screenshot of a CNN TV news report from October 2013 which showed that they had wrongly placed Hong Kong in Brazil instead of China on an onscreen graphic to illustrate a story about a deadly outbreak of killer hornets in China.

In the caption, he wrote, "#ThisIsCNN Hong Kong, Africa..."

He was subsequently ridiculed by Twitter users who decided to teach him a geography lesson.

"Hysterical! @RealJamesWoods (whoever he is) tries to diss CNN for a graphic error, and in the process calls South America - 'Africa.' The idiot stepped in his own diss," costume designer Bobby Pearce tweeted.

"That's South America," journalist Yashar Ali wrote, while writer Evan Rosenfeld added, "Quick geography lesson: - Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China - China is in Asia - Hong Kong is not in South America - South America is not Africa."

Woods didn't seem fazed by the blunder as the post hasn't yet been deleted.

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