Fellow Republican supporters have come to the Oscar-nominated actor's defense, with James' girlfriend Sara Miller and Donald Trump Jr. accusing Twitter of protecting the former Florida gubernatorial candidate.

AceShowbiz - James Woods has apparently landed in trouble in the cyber world for weighing in on Andrew Gillum's meth gay orgy scandal. The actor's Twitter account has been suspended after he reposted a nude picture of the former Florida gubernatorial candidate.

The right-wing actor, like many other conservatives, used the incident to laugh at the former mayor of Tallahassee. He retweeted the leaked photo showing a man who is believed to be Andrew lying naked on the floor in the hotel room.

Protesting the media's coverage of the scandal, Preston Mitchum and Michael Seaberry wrote an open letter in which they argued that news coverage should not be done in such a "salacious way and the terrorizing of Black life must not be the primary entree."

They claimed, "Sharing photos of Mayor Gillum's naked body, especially in such a vulnerable state, is inexcusable and triggering to a community that has seen our own bodies fetishized and/or slain across the nation, from the lynching tree to Main Street. Quite frankly, we are sick of seeing Black bodies become a call-to-fame and the subject of your headlines."

Possibly reading the complaint, Twitter suspended James' account a few hours later, only to enrage the "Nixon" star's acquaintances and fellow Republican supporters. His girlfriend Sara Miller tweeted, "So @RealJamesWoods has been locked out of his account again for sharing 'intimate media' of a drunk, naked, puking politician. His response: 'Twitter is, of course, protecting Andrew Gillum because no one should ever know how vile these Democrat scum truly are.' #FreeJamesWoods."

Ryan Fournier, Founder and Co-Chairman of @TrumpStudents, also commented, "Twitter is at it again. James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account All because he posted a blurred photo of Andrew Gillum drugged out on the floor. DailyMail posted it first. #FreeJamesWoods."

Reposting Ryan's tweet, Donald Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr. added, "Of course @twitter is up to their usual nonsense silencing voices that are effective at destroying their narrative. His crime... reposting a pic that was already all over twitter and in mainstream publications! #FreeJamesWoods."

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