Jenna Dewan on Healing From Channing Tatum Split: The Dawn Is Coming
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Opening up about how she was able to move past her divorce from the 'Magic Mike' star, the 'Step Up' actress admits that she allowed herself to cry and grieve.

AceShowbiz - Actress Jenna Dewan allowed herself to "grieve" the breakdown of her marriage to Channing Tatum in order to embrace her future as a single mother.

The "Step Up" stars met and fell in love on the set of the 2006 dance movie, but shocked fans in April when they announced their separation after nearly nine years of marriage.

Both Jenna and Channing, who share five-year-old daughter Everly, have since moved on with new partners, but the 38 year old insists that wouldn't have been possible had she buried her feelings over the heartbreak at the time of their split.

"People are like, 'How do you get through this (divorce)?' I didn't run away from my feelings. I let myself cry. I let myself grieve," she tells Cosmopolitan magazine.

Staying optimistic was also key to Jenna's healing process: "This is one of those situations where I will see the light," she says. "The dawn is coming."

Dealing with their impending divorce in the public eye didn't make things easier for the estranged couple, especially as followers expressed their own sadness on social media.

"I'm obviously super aware that people know me, they know Channing, they know us together," Jenna reflects on fans' reactions to the split news. "We'd been a beloved couple for a long time."

Jenna, who filed for divorce in October, recently embarked on a new relationship with Broadway actor Steve Kazee, and she has high hopes of settling down again in the future.

"I do believe in love still, but I also believe it begins with really digging deep and learning how to love yourself. And then I think you sort of transmute that out to attract the right partner," she shares. "I think that people who are meant to be sort of find each other."

Channing is also back on the dating scene - he has been linked to pop star Jessie J since October, and last month, Jenna made it clear she had "nothing but respect" for the Brit after the musician urged critics to stop comparing the two women's looks.

"I am a woman that supports ALL women," Jessie declared on social media. "I am a woman that loves ALL women and will not stand quietly when the media is teaching young girls to constantly compare one another. Or to pick who they think is prettier. We are all BEAUTIFUL."

Responding to Jessie's note with praise, Jenna wrote, "Amen Jessie! Yes!!!! Women for women all the way. No need for negativity. Let's live in a world where we support each other and raise each other up."

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