Video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J Simulating Oral Sex With Penis Pipe Surfaces

The clip shows the 37-year-old singer bringing the penis pipe next to his crotch before the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star sucks it.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian recently made headlines when she made bombshell confession about her wild days in an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". And now footage from that days has started making its way round the internet, showing how wild the reality star used to be before getting married and mothering three children.

In the video which was obtained by Radar Online, Kim could be seen shamelessly shaking her boobs while relaxing on a beach with her then-partner, Ray J. The scene then changes to show her in a hotel room with a penis pipe on her hand. The 37-year-old singer then takes the pipe from her hand and brings it up next to his crotch. Kim giggled at the sight before sucking it, as if they were simulating oral sex.

Another scene showed Ray smoking the phallic pipe and blowing smoke right into Kim's mouth. The brunette beauty happily inhaled it and even blew the smoke to the camera.

The rather raunchy clip came in the heels of Kim admitting that she had been on ecstasy when she married Damon Thomas and filmed her infamous sex tape. "I got married on ecstasy. The first time," she told Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner. "I did ecstasy once and I got married. I did it again, I made a sex tape. Like, everything bad would happen." She later added that her jaw "was shaking the whole time" when she filmed the tape.

Despite her confession, Ray reportedly insisted that the story wasn't true. "Kim took no hard drugs nor did she drink alcohol during the filming of the sex tape," and insider close to the "Love & Hip-Hop" star said, though the source said that Kim "smoked pot around the time the tape was made... and it was from a pipe shaped like a penis."

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