Olivia Munn Jokingly Calls Out Pilot for Being Too Afraid to Ask for a Selfie
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Adam J. Liston vows not to hesitate to take a picture with the 'X-Men: Apocalypse' star the next time they meet again after the actress teased him about their close encounter.

AceShowbiz - A pilot freaked out when he found out that his "free pass" celebrity crush Olivia Munn was on board a flight he was helming. The pilot, Adam J. Liston, got cold feet when his wife asked him to take a picture with the actress to prove it.

After realizing that "The Newsroom" alum was a passenger on his flight, Adam texted his wife who urged him to "get a picture with her." Adam's wife Mandi told him, "Pic or it didn't happen lok [sic],"before adding, "This is your moment lok [sic]."

"Damn...I'll try," Adam replied, before sharing a picture himself to his wife looking incredibly dejected. He told his wife he "didn't know what to say" to Olivia to start a conversation. His wife replied, "Just say 'hey my wife is a big fan' that way you don't look like a creep lol." She also suggested him, "Invite her to see the cockpit."

But in the end Adam was too nervous to ask Olivia for a selfie. Mandi shared a screenshot of her conversation with her husband and wrote on Twitter, "My pilot husband's 'free pass' celebrity crush was on his flight last night and he froze @oliviamunn @TheEllenShow @AdamJListon."

Reading this, Olivia joined Mandi to tease Adam. She replied to Mandi's tweet, "I would've taken the pic, but he never asked. Tell your husband I said thanks for flying us safely and Happy Thanksgiving."

Adam has responded to Olivia's tweet. He wrote back to the "X-Men: Apocalypse" star, "Thanks @oliviamunn I appreciate that!" Claiming that his decision not to take a picture with her "was a combination of trying to keep it professional and your awesome dogs pulling you down the air stairs," he promised, "Next time I won't hesitate!"

Olivia was last seen on the big screen through her role in Shane Black's "The Predator". She is also starring in a new X-Men movie, "Dark Phoenix", in which she reprises her role as Psylocke. The upcoming mutant film is due out June 7, 2019 in the United States.

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