Fans are convinced that the collaboration between the two pop superstars will be coming after the 'Blank Space' singer likes a Tumblr post about the matter.

AceShowbiz - This could be the greatest collaboration of the century. After Taylor Swift announced that she signed a deal with Republic Records and Universal Music Group, fans have started begging for a collaboration between the pop superstar and Ariana Grande. Much to fans' excitement, the former appeared to hint that the said collaboration might be coming for real.

The speculation first arose after fans noticed Ariana liked a post of Taylor's record label announcement in addition to being spotted leaving the blonde beauty's apartment. "Ariana liked Taylor's post and remember when she was leaving her apartment? OH MY GOD is that mean that their collaboration is coming???? Because Ari is in Republic too," one fan pointed out on Tumblr.

Taylor later liked the said post, prompting fans to go wild and become more convinced that the two would indeed release a collaboration. "She really confirmed a collaboration with one like. She's THAT powerful," one convinced fan said, as others started dubbing it "a legendary collab," "collab of the millenium."

"tayliberal is VERY careful when it comes to what she does or says on social media, she would never hint a project unless it's actually gonna happen... her collab with ariana is really in the making WIG," another fan noted. There was also an individual who called Taylor and Ariana the next Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

No confirmation has been made as of now.

Taylor recently announced that she left her record label home of the past 12 years and signed a deal with Universal Music Group and Republic Records, posting a picture with its chairmen Lucian Grainge and Monte Lipman.

"It's so thrilling to me that they, and the UMG team, will be my label family moving forward. It's also incredibly exciting to know that I'll own all of my master recordings that I make from now on," she said in the caption. "It's really important to me to see eye to eye with a label regarding the future of our industry. I feel so motivated by new opportunities created by the streaming world and the ever changing landscape of our industry."

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