Lauren Jauregui Tells Radio Host to Not 'Be Salty' Over Little Mix's Nude Scene in 'Strip' Video
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The Fifth Harmony hits back at a radio host who says that the British group's use of nudity in the visuals is just a 'cheap way to sell themselves.'

AceShowbiz - Lauren Jauregui makes sure to let Little Mix know that they will always have her back. The Fifth Harmony member recently slammed a radio talk show host for criticizing the British girl group's choice to strip to their birthday suit for their recent "Strip" music video.

It all went down after Julia Hartley-Brewer said on Twitter that Little Mix only chose to bare their body in the music video to promote the visuals, not because they wanted to spread empowering message. For those who need a refresher, the four-piece group had their naked bodies scrawled with insults, suggesting that women should embrace their flaw rather than hide it.

"Yet again, young women pretend that going naked empowers them. It doesn't. It's just another cheap way to sell themselves. But I suppose it makes a nice change from this group dressing like hookers...," Julia wrote on the micro-blogging site.

While Little Mix themselves have yet to respond to the criticism, Lauren already did it for them. "If your intention is the empowerment of women, how about you don't add yourself to the list of misogynists who deem what is appropriate enough to be 'respectable,' " the songstress responded to the tweet. "All forms deserve respect. They are no less empowered because of their clothing choices. Don't be salty they look [fire emoji]."

Little Mix unearthed the music video for "Strip" on Friday, November 16, the same day as the release of their album "LM5". The girls' family members, as well as inspiring women like Sharaya J, Hannah Winton and Nimco Ali also took part in the visuals.

"We have loved sharing all these incredible, inspirational women and their stories with you," the group said prior to its release. " 'Strip' is a really special son from 'LM5', it's all about standing proud and we wrote it to encourage and empower people to be who they are."

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