Through a series of tweets, the 'American Idol' alum shares his opinions on the 'Life of Pablo' hitmaker's recent announcement that he is distancing himself from politics.

AceShowbiz - Todrick Hall has demanded Kanye West apologise to Taylor Swift for his behaviour.

The Broadway star, 33, shared a series of posts on Twitter slamming the "Life of Pablo" hitmaker, after the rapper decided to distance himself from controversial U.S. President, Donald Trump.

"Well well well Miss @kanyewest while I'm thrilled that you claim to have hopped off the Trump train, I cannot help but bask in the irony that you are now 'distancing yourself from politics' while the girl everybody was dragging is now promoting a blue candidate like it's her job," Todrick began, referencing Taylor's recent and unprecedented endorsement of Democratic nominee Phil Bredesen in her home state of Tennessee.

"If I were Taylor I'd dress up as Miss Trump for Halloween with a naked version of @kanyewest lying in bed next to me and have someone push me around West Hollywood so the gays could have a jolly old time looking at your butt, lucky for you she's BUSY selling out her STADIUM TOUR," he fired.

He then took aim at Kanye and and his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, for using their bitter feud with Taylor for publicity.

"I hope you see how it feels to be used for promotion. If the music is good, you don't need shady promo. Just good old fashioned art. Not controversy & these little reindeer games you & Kim like to play," he tweeted to Kanye.

Though he demanded that the couple apologise to Taylor, he cheekily gave a list of suggestions as to why an apology would never reach the "Shake it Off" singer.

"A) she's dead B) I've forbidden her from taking your calls C) it's too damn loud at her stadium tour to hear you. Try Snapchat," he commented, adding a wink-face emoji and peace sign.

More than two weeks after his surprising Oval Office meeting with Trump, Kanye recently announced he no longer endorsed the Republican businessman after he took to Twitter to claim he was being used to "spread messages I don't believe in."

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