The visuals follows the Draco Malfoy of the 'Harry Potter' franchise getting depressed after losing his girlfriend.

AceShowbiz - Even a genius wizard like Draco Malfoy can't escape the pain of losing someone you love. "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton has recently starred in James Arthur's music video for heartbreak anthem "Empty Space".

Released on November 1, the visuals opens with Felton staring a couple passionately make out in a car. Judging by his expression, it's only natural to suspect that he's currently spying on his former lover. The scene then changes to show him watching an old home video footage of what appears to be his ex-girlfriend.

Things are going down the hill afterward, with Felton throwing a photo in his hand frustratedly. He then goes to a bar where he starts recalling the moment when they first met, before wandering the streets alone while being drunk.

The day breaks, and viewers are treated to scene of his girlfriend entering a home with her new lover. Realizing that he only wastes his time, the British actor quietly drives away as the screen shows all the happy memories that he shares with his former woman.

Something unexpected happens towards the end of the visuals. His ex-girlfriend and her new beau are happily driving when they suddenly get into accident, leading to her death. Felton immediately gets off his car, and so is her current boyfriend. Here comes the twist: it turns out that the new beau is actually Felton himself.

Thus, it's revealed that the scenes of him spying on his ex-girlfriend are actually scenes of him remembering their past.

Talking about the visuals on "Good Morning Britain", Arthur said, "Thankfully I didn't have to be in this video, normally it's a stressful process, getting shots approved. Luckily we landed Tom and he is one of my favorite actors, everyone is a fan of 'Harry Potter'. He was perfect for the song."

"Empty Space" serves as the second single off "The X Factor" U.K. winner's upcoming third album, which still doesn't have a title nor release date.

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